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Call Us Today!
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Biz-zz Bee Farms Pest Control

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Q: Do We Need To Leave Our Home For Pest Control Treatment?

A: In most cases, there is no need to leave your home or business for pest control treatment. However, for some treatments, like flea control, you must leave for a short period of time until the product dries. When you call to inquire about service, a friendly employee will give you information on how to keep your family and pets safe!

Q: Why Am I Seeing Pests In My Home Or Business? I Keep My Surroundings Tidy!

A: Most pests are invading your home or business due to weather changes that have made their outdoor environment less hospitable. Everything from lack of rain to too much rain to extreme temperatures will leave pests fighting for their survival, and that means invading our homes and businesses. They are simply seeking out an environment that could potentially supply food or water as well as potential nesting areas.

Q: Do You Remove Bees For Free?

A: No. The bees could carry diseases and/or parasites that would spread to managed beehives. We also don’t know if they have Africanized traits, so the bees have no value to a beekeeper.

Q: Are These Bees Africanized?

A: There is no field identification for Africanized bees. Positive identification must be done in a lab. This service is available through Texas A&M. You can visit their website at for instructions on having this done.

Q: What Is Your Warranty?

A: We warranty to exterminate the bees that are currently living at the location. In most instances, it will take up to 3 days for the bees to die. You will be advised of the date to contact us if you are still seeing bees. If necessary, we will retreat the area. At that time, any removal and/or repair needs to take place.

Q: Will The Bees Come Back?

A: At the time we do the extermination, we will advise you what needs to be done to keep from having the problem again. We have lots of free advice if you’re a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ or we can give you a bid to do any additional work.

Q: Why Choose Biz-Zz Bee Farms For Our Pest Control Needs?

A: Biz-zz Bee Farms has over 26 years of experience and an Associate Certified Entomologist leads our company. We are a family-owned and -operated business that takes great care of our customers and has great pride in our work. Call today for your pest control estimate!

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